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What to do to get permanent Andorran Citizenship?

Getting permanent citizenship in any country is a tiresome and long process that could take years. This is no different in the case of getting Andorran citizenship as well. If you wish to get residency, you can easily get residency in this country. Two types of residency are there such as active residency and passive residency. But getting citizenship is certainly known to be quite difficult and time-consuming.

Getting Citizenship in Andorra

If you want to become a citizen of Andorra, you have to apply for its citizenship to get a passport there. But to be eligible to hold a passport of this country, you are required to fulfil certain conditions or criteria. Some of such criteria are described below for your convenience and benefits. 

First of all, you must hold Andorra residency for around 20 years. It can either be active residency or passive residency. Or you can also complete your studies from school systems in this country while staying here for around 10 years or so. While doing any of the above things, it is also important to have a clean criminal record in Andorra. This aspect is emphasized very much here.

On the other hand, last but not least, you are required to renounce your current nationality no matter what. It is important because the legislation of Andorra is not to allow for double citizenship. This is how you can manage to get Andorran citizenship


Once you can follow the above-described conditions or criteria, you will certainly be able to get citizenship in this country in the best way possible. If you have not completed your study here, you will have to go through a written test in the Catalan language to ensure that you know its language properly. Moreover, you will also be needed to go through a verbal interview. 

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